Acela FAQs

What is required for Match Day?

  1. Host / Home team should confirm game schedule the Thursday prior to the game.
  2. Contact Info:
    (1) Log into GotSoccer Team account.
    (2) Click on Acela Premiership located under Event Registration History.
    (3) Click on Schedule tab.
    (4) Click on the Chat button to the right of field for the match.
  3. Host / Home team should confirm referee assignments.
  4. Home team as listed on the schedule is responsible for providing the Game Report Card to the referee.
  5. Printing Game Card:
    (1) Log into GotSoccer Team account.
    (2) Click on Acela Premiership located under Event Registration History.
    (3) Click on Schedule tab.
    (4) Click on the game number to download a printable game card.
  6. Referee Fees are split by both teams and paid prior to the match.
  7. Referee checks in each player with pass against the Game Card Roster.
  8. At the conclusion of the game, the Home team is responsible for reporting the score, cautions and ejections:
    (1) Phone-In Scores: 904-758-0875.
    (2) Use the QR Reader from your mobile device and scan the game card to update the information.
    (3) Online
  9. Referee or Home Team should email the completed Match Report (Game Card) to Joe Levan -

Who assigns the referees?
Teams are responsible for contacting their club assignor. Provided below is a link to the assignors for the respective clubs. If your club wants to add an additional assignor to this list, please contact the Acela Premiership.

What are the referee fees?
U11 & U12: $50 (2 x 30 minute halves)

Can you use US Club passes?
The Acela Premiership is a subdivision of the PRCL sanctioned US Club League.

What is the maximum roster size?
The maximum number of players permitted on a roster at any one time is 16.

Does the league qualify my team for USYS state cups?
No, but we have the ability to assist you in getting cup qualified.

Can overage players participate?
The focus of this league is about player development. Yes, if it is appropriate for a player based upon their biological age to play down or if it is for competitive balance.